Your little piece of Cornwall

For many people that used to live in #Cornwall or who holiday here regularly, having #YourLittlePieceOfCornwall can mean so much. It serves as either a memory of great times or as a connection to your roots.

Cornish people have relocated around the world and the miners of old travelled far and wide taking their mining skills with them across the globe.

Hearts and minds

Having that close attachment to your roots is so important to many people that we created a few items that people could have so that there is always a constant reminder of your home county or the place where special memories are made.

Our #CornishSlate hearts can be framed or just hung as valuable keepsakes.

These are all hand cut from Cornish Slate and then cleaned by hand before being framed and finished with some Cornish ribbon.

We also make them without frames so they can be hung on a wall in a kitchen or living room.

Wedding souvenirs.

Our hearts make excellent wedding souvenirs as they are small enough to be given as a reminder for that special day. They measure about 70mm square although we can make larger ones and personalise them for your day.

These make great gifts for bridesmaids etc,

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Your little piece of Cornwall. Just for you