Where your cornish slate comes from?

//Where your cornish slate comes from?

Where your cornish slate comes from?

Where your Cornish slate comes from?

For several hundred years, Cornish slate has been quarried at Delabole and in other areas of Cornwall. Slate from the Delabole quarry has long been known to have all the great qualities for a hard wearing stone suitable for a whole range of uses both inside and outside the home.

Slate is an age old sedimentary rock

Laid down millions of years ago, the colour, grain and texture are unique amongst the slate family. It is different from other quarries that are in fairly close proximity to it and it has been the ‘builders slate of choice’ for many many years.

We make regular trips to the quarry to buy the Cornish slate we use to make our house signs and other products. All of the pieces are individually selected, ( we don’t just have a bulk delivery ), as we want to make sure you get the best slate available.

Every piece of slate is slightly different, so your product will be unique.

No two pieces of Cornish slate are the same so whatever you buy, your piece will be different to that bought by anyone else. Slate contains minerals like quartz that can add a really nice feature to the finished product.


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