What’s on at Stevens™ Cornish Slate?

With just over a week until we reach our deadline for accepting orders for Christmas delivery, there’s been a bit of a rush. Two more signs were collected by customers yesterday. Their comments when the signs were unwrapped before they took them away, were great. They loved them. We are looking forward to seeing the pictures.

They were both customers who have bought from us previously. There’s a little lesson here. If you look after your customers and make the effort to treat them right, no matter how niche your product, they’re likely to buy again… or even better, refer you to their friends.

In the workshop

Yesterday I cut and polished three signs ready for lettering. Two of the pieces needed quite a bit of work to get them ready. Lettering will be done either today or tomorrow. By the end of the week they’ll have had their initial coats of paint applied by Anne, who does all the painting and packing.

She’s hoping to finish three more today and ready them for despatch.