Things to consider when looking for a Cornish slate house sign.

Your home and everything in it is personal to you and those things usually represent your own style. It is easy to think that a house number is just an ‘identifier’ for the postman. To many people though, the slate house sign means a lot more than that.

It represents an external visual connection to your home, something that sets it apart from all the others. Cornish slate has its very own unique attachment.

Many customers who do not live in Cornwall like to visit the county regularly and to them it is a reminder of somewhere ‘special’. The connection is a reminder of happy times or a reminder of where they are from.

You cannot buy a Cornish slate house sign in any shop.

Yes you can go in most major DIY stores and purchase a sign. You will have had no input into what it looks like, how big it is, what colour the writing. You have no say in where the product was made.

We have spoken to a vast number of our customers who actually want to be involved in deciding how their sign looks, its colour and size. As our many testimonials say, our service really makes them feel a real attachment to their purchase.

Stevens ™ Cornish Slate involves you from the beginning, no matter how large, small, and the sign content, you have the final say on all of the main processes. It really will be, your sign.