Visit the Stevens Cornish Slate Workshop

With so many online slate house sign shops, why not come and see where yours will be made. Visit the Stevens Cornish Slate workshop. Cornish slate is a very tactile product and it can be far too easy not to consider this when buying online.

If you are local or on holiday in Cornwall and you are thinking about a #CornishSlate #HouseSign, then call us up on 07854-953088 and arrange to come and see us.

Select your own piece of slate.

When you visit the Stevens Cornish Slate workshop we can discuss the sign you want, the size, designs, text and paint options available. You will be able to make a real personal connection with your sign. I will show you the varying types of slate and discuss exactly how your sign will be produced. You may well be able to choose your very own piece of slate.

About the Stevens Cornish Slate workshop

The Stevens Cornish Slate workshop is not some grand affair but it is kitted out with all the equipment necessary to cut, polish, letter and finish your sign.

The workshop is located at the rear of Firecrest in Wilson Way, Pool, about 200 yards up from Macsalvors. No matter how busy we are, we always have time for our customers.

Coffee is always in stock too so if you want to have a cup whilst you discuss what you want, then please, just ask.

Calling ahead is essential as the design work is not done at the workshop and we may be out delivering or collecting supplies. So call us first on 07854-953088 to arrange a visit.

Meet the maker

Im a real happy-chappy and happy to spend time with my customers. If you are collecting a finished job then you will receive either a call or an email asking you to arrange a visit to the workshop.

Please do come and see and speak to us. Your sign will mean just that little bit more as you will know exactly where it has come from.

Make an enquiry if you cannot visit us.

If you cannot visit us, we would still like to hear from you. To begin the order process, go to the Slate House Signs page and fill in the form