Trip to Delabole Quarry.

In order to stock up on Cornish slate supplies we have to take a trip to Delabole Quarry. All of our slate, apart from any reclaimed slate, is bought from here.

We go through a lot to individually select the slate for our work. Yesterday I had to brave wind and rain to get the supplies back to our workshop.

The Cornish weather.

Due to the geographical location of Cornwall, our weather is usually different to other parts of the UK, with the coastal waters helping to keep Cornwall ‘warm’. Inclement weather coming in from the West lands here but it is more often than not, wet and windy. Yesterday was no exception.

Delabole is quite high up and is exposed, open to the elements. This time of year this is not an unusual day with mist being the only missing element. Anne was sat in the dry doing social media while I was getting rained on.

This is how we roll.

When you look at our site and are choosing what to have done to your Cornish slate house sign, remember that we go to great lengths to ensure you get the best we can offer.

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