The thickness of our slate.

When I visit the quarry to buy our Cornish Slate, the slabs are in variable thicknesses from 17-32mm. We can get slate cut to a specific thickness but that adds significantly to the cost.

I always try to get slate in the 22-30mm range. An optimum size is 25mm. 300mm is bulky and heavy so I do try and avoid it if possible purely for those reasons alone.

Try riven slate for that rustic look

Riven slate is around the 6mm thickness. These are roofing slates that offer a very rustic look to say, a cottage. The riven slate can be hand cut so it can have a chipped edge. This edge is uneven and corners may not always be square due to how the slate fractures when it is cut. This slate cannot be polished and may be uneven due to it being hand split.

Imported slate is usually 20 or 25mm thick.

Countries outside the UK tend to work in metric terms so imported slate is usually sized in increments of 5 mm. So 20, 25, 30 etc are the sizes that you will be offer ed off the shelf. If you are talking to another sign maker, ask where their slate comes from andd ask how thick it is. The size is usually an indicator that it is imported slate.

Imported slate is not necessarily inferior, but it isn’t #CornishSlate

Ask where your slate comes from

To ensure you get the slate you want for your slate house sign, do remember to ask the supplier that one very important question.

Always read the small print.

Before buying a slate house sign, read the small print on the website. Does it specify where their slate comes from? If you are not buying from #StevensCornishSlate then you cannot be sure that your slate is Cornish – so ask.

We only use Cornish slate from the Delabole quarry.

Stevens Cornish Slate only uses slate that we have personally selected from the quarry by visiting it and choosing the very material we want. That way we aim to get the very best we can.

If you want a #CornishSlateHouseSign then be sure top talk to Stevens Cornish Slate. You know right from the outset that you are guaranteed that your slate will be from the ground in Cornwall.

Contact us for more information. Or call Pat on 07854-953088