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Stevens Cornish Slate Google Business Page

December 12th, 2018|Tags: |

Stevens Cornish Slate Google Business Page

Stevens Cornish Slate have just launched our Google Business page to make sure that we engage with our customers. Customers are contacted routinely to ensure they receive their goods and we always want feedback on our work.

Review our business

This is our GOOGLE BUSINESS PAGE so if you’ve been a customer in the past, please put a review up for us. We would really appreciate it.

A simple review means a lot to a small business like ours and we thank you for your business.

Contact Us

Click the link to enquire about a Cornish Slate House Sign or if you just want some help, send us a message.



  • merry christmas from stevens cornish slate

Santas Delivery Deadline

December 7th, 2018|Tags: , |

Santa’s delivery deadline

Today is Santas delivery deadline day. After today we are unable to guarantee delivery by Christmas. We do not want to let anyone down but all of our products are made to order. Our elves have standards to keep up you know.

Any orders received after today will of course receive their full attention and if they can get them to Santa by December the 19th then they will. Santa of course needs time to get any deliveries sorted and packed onto his sled.

A January surprise.

Anyone placing an order for January delivery will get a special seasonal bonus of FREE shipping. This can be worth up to £13.50.

To get this special offer just fill in the email popup on either the house signs page or the contact page from Monday 10th December.

Santa Picture credit


  • making a cornish slate house sign

Making a Cornish Slate house sign

December 4th, 2018|Tags: |

Making a Cornish Slate House sign.

Making a Cornish slate house sign involves a number of steps. Slate we collect from the quarry has been roughly cut into slabs or shaped into various sized slate tiles. Cornish slate is ‘sawn’ by a large cheese wire (to keep it simple) and this usually leaves markings on the face. This finish may well be good enough for someone looking for a really natural finish. Edges will usually have saw blade marks where the slab is cut to size.

Slate polishing methods.

Imperfections and the ‘cheese wire saw marks’ have to be polished out to achieve a nice finish. Polishing can be done using wet or dry methods – at Stevens™ we prefer to polish the slate wet. Using a specialist wet polisher with changing grades of diamond polishing disc, I start at 50 and work up to 1000. Coarser grades (50 for example) remove the worst of the markings and then using the finer grades (1000), leave a nice smooth finish. Polishing in this order leaves a nice slightly darker grey finish. To obtain the ultra-fine finish some customers require, I have 3000 grit discs. Signs are checked for small markings and the edges given a light polish to remove deep saw cuts.

Preparing the sign for lettering

Artwork is provided for you to approve when you order a house sign – it is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) – what you approve is what we make. The sign is masked up and then sand blasted using a fine abrasive sand.

Painting your slate house sign.

One Shot provide the professional sign writing paints we use on all of our Cornish slate house signs. The letters / designs are  undercoated to ensure the actual paint has a good key. Anne hand paints all of the signs with 4-6 coats of paint applying one coat per day. Each coat takes 24 hours to cure and painting on top of wet paint will cause the paint to peel, so the job has to be done correctly.

Packing for delivery

Once the sign has been painted and any ‘paint bleed’ removed, the sign is given a weathering treatment to help keep it in good condition. All signs are packed in tissue paper, bubble wrap and boxed for shipping. You will get an email saying your delivery is on its way to you.

Unpacking your Cornish slate house sign.

Please unwrap you sign carefully and if you are re-wrapping, please do not place the bubble wrap next to the sign surface. Always wrap in the tissue. Your sign should have reached you in perfect condition.

Mounting your sign

Assuming the sign has bee drilled, you simply mark where you want the sign to be through the drill holes, use fixing plugs and some nice brass screws to finish the sign off. PLEASE DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN SCREWS. ‘PINCH TIGHT ONLY’!

Aftercare of your slate sign

Caring for your sign is easy and all you need to do is wash with warm soapy water in most cases.

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Rename your house

November 29th, 2018|Tags: , |

Add ££££ to the value of your house. £40 well spent.

Rename your house and potentially add thousands of £ to the value of it. The main reason though to add a name to your home, is to make it ‘feel more like your home’! It could be the best £40 you ever spend

Rename your house

You do not need official permission to give your house a name. You can make or have a sign made and call it pretty much whatever you like.

There is one issue though – the name will never show on any official records or address searches and it will never be, well, official.

In todays connected world, when you fill in an online address form, your house number appears and you can select it – but, if you want your house name to appear in these records, then you need to register it. To get it seen on the Royal Mail database, you need to rename your house officially

It’s a simple process to rename your house.

You’ll need to speak to your local council as they will oversee the addition and approve it. You can then contact the Royal Mail and the house name will be added to their address database. It will be £40 well spent.

Do expect this to take several months to filter through though. It will not happen overnight.

Finish the process with a Cornish slate house sign

Having registered your house name, celebrate with a beautiful Cornish slate house sign made to your own specification by Stevens™ Cornish slate. Visit our SLATE HOUSE SIGN page to enquire about your new Cornish slate sign.

It’s where our business started.

Yes this is a fact. When we wanted to name our house we made our own sign… and a business was born!


  • cornish slate house sign painted white

What’s on?

November 28th, 2018|Tags: |

What’s on at Stevens™ Cornish Slate?

With just over a week until we reach our deadline for accepting orders for Christmas delivery, there’s been a bit of a rush. Two more signs were collected by customers yesterday. Their comments when the signs were unwrapped before they took them away, were great. They loved them. We are looking forward to seeing the pictures.

They were both customers who have bought from us previously. There’s a little lesson here. If you look after your customers and make the effort to treat them right, no matter how niche your product, they’re likely to buy again… or even better, refer you to their friends.

In the workshop

Yesterday I cut and polished three signs ready for lettering. Two of the pieces needed quite a bit of work to get them ready. Lettering will be done either today or tomorrow. By the end of the week they’ll have had their initial coats of paint applied by Anne, who does all the painting and packing.

She’s hoping to finish three more today and ready them for despatch.

  • a riven cornish slate house sign painted white

What slate house sign?

November 27th, 2018|Tags: |

Things to consider when looking for a Cornish slate house sign.

Your home and everything in it is personal to you and those things usually represent your own style. It is easy to think that a house number is just an ‘identifier’ for the postman. To many people though, the slate house sign means a lot more than that.

It represents an external visual connection to your home, something that sets it apart from all the others. Cornish slate has its very own unique attachment.

Many customers who do not live in Cornwall like to visit the county regularly and to them it is a reminder of somewhere ‘special’. The connection is a reminder of happy times or a reminder of where they are from.

You cannot buy a Cornish slate house sign in any shop.

Yes you can go in most major DIY stores and purchase a sign. You will have had no input into what it looks like, how big it is, what colour the writing. You have no say in where the product was made.

We have spoken to a vast number of our customers who actually want to be involved in deciding how their sign looks, its colour and size. As our many testimonials say, our service really makes them feel a real attachment to their purchase.

Stevens ™ Cornish Slate involves you from the beginning, no matter how large, small, and the sign content, you have the final say on all of the main processes. It really will be, your sign.

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