Our Returns Policy

We take every effort to ensure that your purchases are well packed for shipping. We are unable to offer any delivery insurance as an optional extra as slate cannot be insured for any courier delivery in the UK or overseas.

Should an item arrive damaged, you must notify us the day it arrives and provide pictures that clearly show any damage to the product and the packaging.

We will, at our discretion, replace any damaged goods providing the above condition has been met and the damage looks consistent with being mishandled by the courier.

If we ask for a product to be returned for inspection, we are unable to meet the cost of couriers / postage / packing and will be unable to replace any goods where we request their return and you fail to do so using a delivery method with parcel tracking.

You will not be expected to pay for shipment of replacement goods where the notification condition above has been met and we have agreed to replace the item for you.

Lost / undelivered items

We will not allow couriers to ‘leave safe’ or ‘with a neighbour’ unless you expressly request it. In doing so we will unfortunately be unable to replace any lost or misdelivered items, regardless of cost.

Delivery does not have to be to the address associated with the credit card used when purchasing via the shop or over the telephone. As above, items cannot be left safe or with a neighbour if an alternate delivery address is used.


House signs. We supply artwork for all signage and all work will have to be agreed buy the customer before we commence making it. We will not issue a refund in any circumstances unless the the damage conditions in paragraph 1 are met.

Other goods. We make all of our products to order and provide clear descriptions of each product. Slate is a natural material and all of our products are hand made. Hand cut items have a chipped and uneven edge. Corners may not be ‘square’ because of the way slate breaks when it is cut. No refunds will be issued because an item is ‘too chipped’ or ‘too uneven’ or the ‘wrong colour’ (reclaimed slate has numerous colour variations and any pictures are purely representative of the design and no two pieces are identical in colour and look).


Slate is a natural product made from layers of compressed earth and it is millions of years old. We cannot guarantee that any piece will be free from natural defects that may go unseen in the production process.

Breakages, however unfortunate, are not covered and we will be unable to replace any item that is not notified to us as damaged when delivery is taken (para 1). We will take every effort to ensure that any product purchased is of the best quality.

Slate has natural minerals in it and these vary from piece to piece. Reclaimed slate has been subjected to weathering and this alters the colouring and consistency of the slate. You should not purchase reclaimed slate products unless you are satisfied and accept that that there will be variations in colour and texture from piece to piece.


All sizes are given in mm and are approximate. All pieces are cut by hand so there may be small variations. We will do our best to ensure that all products are made to the specification in the description.

If you have any questions before purchasing any Cornish Slate product, please call Pat on 07854-953088 or mail us at housesigns@stevenscornishslate.co.uk