Slate window sills

We have recently had several requests for slate window sills and we of course are happy to oblige. Unlike wood, slate will never rot so is a fantastic alternative to wooden window sills. They are super easy to keep clean too. Simply wash with warm soapy water. We finish all items with a colour enhancer and protector to help prevent staining.

Window sill thickness.

We would recommend slate window sills are between 22mm and 30mm thick. Generally slate sold at 20mm will be imported and not Cornish. If you want a specific thickness or if you have any questions, then please CONTACT US

Window sill lengths

We can accommodate your requirements for slate window sills up to 1mtr long. Beyond this, items have to be specially ordered. You may want to consider joining two pieces at lengths over 1 mar as this will be more cost effective.

Are you buying Cornish slate?

The vast majority of imported slate is 20mm thick because of the metric system. We can get 20mm slate cut to order but 22-30mm is standard and therefor much cheaper.

Cornish slate has a different look and texture to a lot of imported slate, so be sure to ask your supplier where their material comes from.

Edge finishing.

We offer two edge finishes to our customers. Polished square edges and 20mm half bull nose polished edging. Bull nose is a half rounded edge and is very popular if you want a better look to the sills. All bull nose edging is finished by hand to remove profile tooling scratches.

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