Slate window sills

They are a great alternative to wood, which will usually over time, rot out and need replacing. Slate is a long lasting product that with a little care and attention, will retain its good looks and functionality for many, many, years.

Brazilian slate is an alternative to Cornish slate.

We specialise in Cornish slate obviously, but as a business, we want to offer our customers an alternative. Where either the type of slate is not important or cost is a big consideration, Brazillian slate is a good solution. We have lost business because we have not offered customers an option – until now.

Stevens Cornish Slate have made our name by using Cornish slate for our work but a good business always looks at options, so this decision to offer Brazilian slate window sills and hearths is a positive step forward.

What size slate is available?

We can work in-house on pieces up to 1.2 mts (1200mm or 47 inches) by 450mm (18 inches).

Brazilian slate is hand split and may have a slightly riven or uneven finish but in most cases the top surface can be polished if desired. There may also be features and markings that occur naturally in the slate.

Edge finishing can be ‘as supplied from the quarry’, polished leading and side edges or a half bullnose finish on the leading and side edges.

Want to know more?

Send us an email with your requirements and we will do our best to help you out. We do not fit but can organise delivery locally by arrangement.

Will we make house signs in Brazilian slate?

The simple answer is an emphatic NO! Cornish slate is a premium product and is the only slate we will offer for our house signs and other products. #SlateWindowSills