Slate fence post covers

A client who we had recently done some work for had a new wall and fence built in his garden. The actual fence posts were set in steel holders, inside the garden wall, so that they could be removed at a later date if repair was ever needed.

In order to access the fence posts, recesses were left in the wall so we were asked to make these pieces to cover up the holes.

They’re 395×150 mm (15.5 x 6 ins), half bull nosed and drilled so they can be fixed to the wall. The half bull nose gives them a nice rounded look and is much more interesting that a square edge.

To maintain their look they have been treated with an anti stain treatment. The wall is white so the dark grey slate will create a nice bit of contrast on the wall.

If you have an idea, we’ll try and make it.

A fun part of our job is making unusual things for customers and coming up with ideas and designs that meet the customers requirements. No matter how off beat, ask us if you want something a bit unusual.

We can cut slate to any shape and I mean, any shape.

Anything from square to a ‘mud splatter’ shape and anything in between. All you have to do is ask.