Slate Business signs

Domestic customers make up the bulk of our sign work but we have also made signs for a number of house builders / developers. These signs are almost always for new builds where Cornish slate is used to be ‘in keeping’ with the provenance of the development itself.

Company names and logos.

These slate business signs are popular with holiday rental businesses who want to have their image combined with the names of the individual properties. We have the capability to incorporate logos and designs into our signs for these purposes.

Quantity Ordering

Builders and developers will usually want to order several slate business signs all made in the same style and will also often want an oversized sign as an ‘entrance’ sign – one that denotes the name of the development.

Contact us if you are a house builder / developer and would like a quote for signs for any of your projects.

Sign sizes

House numbers are the smallest signs we make at around 130mm sq. but we can work on much larger pieces and the largest we have worked on was about 1.5mt x 1mt. The slate was provided in this instance by the customer. (We are always happy to work on material provided by a client if the material is suitable to work with.)

The number of characters and the type of font dictate the full scale size of the sign but a sign with a name would usually be around 400x150mm.

Each sign though is designed to order so apart from numbers, we do not have a ‘standard size’. If you specify a size for signs, then we will make them to that specification.

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