Add ££££ to the value of your house. £50 well spent.

Rename your house and potentially add thousands of £ to the value of it. The main reason though to add a name to your home, is to make it ‘feel more like your home’! It could be the best £50 (approx) you ever spend

Rename your house

You do not need official permission to give your house a name. You can make or have a sign made and call it pretty much whatever you like.

There is one issue though – the name will never show on any official records or address searches and it will never be, well, official.

In todays connected world, when you fill in an online address form, your house number appears and you can select it – but, if you want your house name to appear in these records, then you need to register it. To get it seen on the Royal Mail database, you need to rename your house officially

It’s a simple process to rename your house.

You’ll need to speak to your local council as they will oversee the addition and approve it. You can then contact the Royal Mail and the house name will be added to their address database. It will be £40 well spent.

Do expect this to take several months to filter through though. It will not happen overnight.

Finish the process with a Cornish slate house sign

Having registered your house name, celebrate with a beautiful Cornish slate house sign made to your own specification by Stevens™ Cornish slate. Visit our SLATE HOUSE SIGN page to enquire about your new Cornish slate sign.

It’s where our business started.

Yes this is a fact. When we wanted to name our house we made our own sign… and a business was born!

Price may vary from council to council.