Paints for slate house signs.

Using the right paint for slate house signs is really important as it affects the quality of the finished product.

Why choose and great material to work with, like #CornishSlate and finish it with an inferior product?

One Shot Professional Paints

When we started the business we tried a number of different paint types to see which ones were the best. After a fair bit of research we found that the One-Shot range of paints were one of the top brands. We chose to use their undercoat and professional signwriter range of enamels as our paints for slate house signs..

The paints give a really nice finish and they have a great lifespan when applied correctly. In good conditions paint should last for many years.

The painting process.

Painting the signs correctly is fundamental to them looking good and staying looking good. After finishing the lettering the painted area is made completely dust free. Dust would stop the undercoat taking to the surface of the slate.

Undercoat is needed to ‘key’ the slate for the top coats of paint.

Once the undercoat is dry, 4-6 topcoats of the chosen colour are applied, one day apart, to ensure each coat of paint is dry. Each piece of slate is different and some will coat in 4, others need 6.

We cannot rush the painting process.

Customers are sometimes surprised that it can take one week to paint a sign even if it is just  a single number. It is not the number of characters that determine the length of time, but the drying time of the paint and the coverage required.

Painting on top of paint that is not dry will cause the paint to peel and whilst that will not happen immediately, the finish will deteriorate much sooner than it otherwise would.

So it is important to do the job properly.

Do a job once and do it right.

We hope you have found this article interesting and see that making a #CornishSlateHouseSign requires time and the use of great materials.

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