Non painted slate house signs

Non painted slate house signs are a great alternative to the generally accepted norm of a painted letter finish.

The cornish slate house sign is then a completely natural product that will still stand the test of time.

A rustic look

The non-painted finish gives the sign a very rustic look and feel and your sign will almost certainly be different to any others around you. The lighter coloured slate is revealed when the lettering is engraved into the #CornishSlate.

The unpainted slate house sign is great for older style cottages and houses or those in maybe more rural settings, however, if you live in a modern town house, you can also consider this option.

How do we achieve this look?

The cornish slate is cut and polished but before the lettering is engraved, we apply a colour enhancer / sealer to the slate which darkens it. When the lettering is engraved, the lighter natural colour of the slate is revealed.

The lettering is then sealed with a plain sealer to protect it but keep the natural colour.

This can be seen in the pictured example on this page.

For more information look on the galleries or contact us for more information.

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