Its a snow surprise!

The tail end of last week delivered a real surprise for us deep down in the West of Cornwall. A bit of a covering of snow. Roads still became blocked. Cars and trucks got stuck on the Cornish roads. Bodmin was like the arctic but it made for some nice photos.

Not that we had time to take any.

It wasn’t quite ‘The Beast from the East’ that hit us last year but it still created a bit of a fuss. The temperatures dropped to freezing cold, the sleet and snow was driving into the workshop and as the polishing of slate has to be done outside, it wasn’t very nice. So if you’re reading this tucked up with a nice hot tea………….. 🙂

Yours truly was trying to keep up with the rush of orders heralded by the really nice weather. As I alluded to in my previous post about it being ‘home improvement time‘, the nice weather has bought out people looking to start on a few home improvements.

Our best start to a year for 5 years

Weather and work wise, last year was a low point until April as the prolonged winter kept DIYers inside and who could blame them? Orders have been coming in at a real rate of knots with a particularly nice lead from a rather large holiday company. Hopefully that will turn out to be really great for us.

We do what it says on the tin.

Only using Cornish slate for our work does put us in a bit of a niche market. Not all buyers are worried about the provenance of their purchase though, which is of course, absolutely fine.

Customers though that do want that connection with Cornwall know that with Stevens Cornish Slate, they’re getting that little ‘piece of Cornwall’ that has a very personal connection for them.

Thanks for looking at us, considering us for your purchase and rest assured – if you are looking for products made exclusively from Cornish slate, Stevens is the place to look!