How to rename your house for about £40

‘How to rename your house’ is a question asked by many people. Our business came into being because we wanted to remember Anne’s Great Grandad and the rest of her St. Ives family. The story goes that her Great Grandad, Jim Stevens, was rowing out into the harbour when he had to go around another boat. He was thereafter called ‘Round’ee Stevens’ because of that. Over time the family became known as the ‘Roundy Stevens’. Families in St. Ives were known by their nick names.

Contact your local authority

A quick online search about renaming our house officially sent us off to Cornwall Council. Find your own local authority as they should be your first port of call if you want to officially rename your home. Filling in the application is quite simple and costs in the region of £40. Providing the name is not prohibited the process is quick and easy.

Register with the Post Office database.

The Post maintain a database of addresses in the UK. This is where you also need to register your new house name so that it shows up on address searches.

How long does it take for your new house name to show up in the records?

It is not an instant process and it will take a few months for the new house name to appear in the records. Your house number is usually the main identifier and should always be the first reference point.

Buy your Cornish slate house sign

Now you know how easy it is to officially rename your house, choose STEVENS™ Cornish Slate to make you a unique SLATE HOUSE SIGN .

This is where our business began.

All because we wanted a slate house name sign and I decided to make one myself!