Home improvement time.

The weather this winter has been a complete contrast to twelve months ago so it may well be ‘home improvement time’.

When it is cold, wet and miserable, home improvements are not foremost on anyones mind. Our business therefore can be quite seasonal so it is great that orders are already coming in well ahead of what we would expect for this time of year.

A Cornish slate house sign is a simple home improvement.

Home improvements tend to be ‘project based’ with flower planting, decorating and other outdoor jobs being the most common.

A new house sign, made from Cornwalls finest slate, is a wonderful home improvement where the only work you have to do is fixing it up! Isn’t that great? Much quicker than building a shed or getting wall paper paste on the carpet of gloss paint in your hair!

Let’s face it.. what a nice way to ease yourself into ‘home improvement time’!

What do you need to fix up a slate house sign?

Firstly a cup of nice hot coffee and a 30 minute break in any rain that may be about. Then simply some nice brass screws, plastic fixing plugs and a masonry drill bit and possibly a spirit level.

Mark the holes making sure the sign is level, drill them, push in the plastic plugs and then screw the sign to the wall.

Please do not over tighten the screws – pinch tight will be enough.

Stand back and admire your handiwork – along with your very own ‘little piece of Cornwall’.

Get your camera out, take a photo and send it to us because it means a lot to us that you like what we have made for you.

Check out our video page where you will find some helpful videos.