Font styles on house signs

In the main there are 3 types of font styles on house signs chosen by customers more than any other. These meet most customers needs BUT we can use many hundreds of different font styles so even if you want something quirky, we can usually help out.

(The picture on this post features signs with Artificer and Gill sans fonts).

The three most common are –

Time New Roman – a classical font with pointy bits (serifs) on the letters. I would say this is a stylish and very traditional font style. It is a very common font.

Artifiker – A blocky but quite nice font that sits between Times and Gill sans. This font is quite a bit larger that either of the others so it tends to make a sign quite a lot larger. The serifs are very blocky.

Gill sans – A very straight line font with no serfs or character in the lettering. As a ‘go to no fuss’ font, this makes a great choice and is one of the reasons it is so popular.

Fonts equal individual style

Stevens Cornish Slate do not make a standard house sign because we can offer customers such a huge range of styles. When enquiring about a cornish slate house sign, if you want a specific font, put it in the ‘other information’ section on the form and we will do our best to help out.

Can we use any font?

Lots of fonts are free so we can usually get one if we don’t have it. If you want a font that is not free, then we can buy it but the cost will be added to the cost of your sign.

Want to know more.. contact us via the HOUSE SIGNS page.