Delabole slate house signs

We only use Delabole Slate for our house signs and Cornish slate tableware and gifts. The Cornish slate we use is all sourced by us from the Delabole slate quarry. We visit the quarry regularly to stock up on supplies so we can make our house signs.

Delabole slate is a quality slate

Slate has been quarried at the Delabole site for hundreds of years and has earned a reputation of being one of the best slates that you can buy for roofing, flooring, kitchen worktops and of course, slate house signs.

Delabole slate has unique qualities

Slate from the Delabole quarry is easily identified amongst slate types by its colour and texture. This is quite different from slate quarried in other parts of the UK and certainly from abroad.

The mineral composition gives it its unique feel and quality and that is why it such a sought after slate.

Why is it so good for house signs?

#DelaboleSlate is extremely hard wearing yet ‘soft’ enough to be workable and have a superb finish. Many other slates feel ‘brittle’ in comparison – it’s why slate is such a tactile product.

Make sure that your slate house sign is made from the best Cornish slate there is – Delabole slate. Visit our HOUSE SIGN PAGE to submit an order enquiry. You can call us direct on 07854-953088. It does get noisy in the workshop so if we don’t answer please call back.