Why Stevens Cornish Slate does not have an online design package

There are many businesses offering an ‘online sign designer’ and that is OK for some people. Stevens Cornish slate do not have an online sign designer as we make so many different types of sign. Many of our customers we have spoken to, find ‘online house sign designers’ too restrictive as many want different layouts, fonts and font sizes.

What you see is what you get

When you fill in the form below, we will create a design based on that information and mail it to you as a pdf for approval. Call Pat on 07854-953088 if you wish to discuss further, before completing this form. What you approve is what we make – any shape – font – size.

cornish slate house number

Optional extras NonePolished edges £10Sign border £20

Stevens cornish slate house signsHouse sign options

Stevens Cornish slate gives you a number of options when choosing your Cornish slate house sign and as a result it is easy to have the type of sign that you prefer :- slate, finish, font, size, design, blind fix (no visible screw holes), polished edges:

1) Riven Cornish slate. Riven slate is approx 6 mm thick and is hand cut, with rough edges and because of this has a quite rustic look and feel to it. We can saw cut if you would prefer a flat edge. It may also be slightly uneven.

2) Block Cornish slate is 22-25 mm thick and has a greyish egg-shell type finish but we can polish it to a finer finish if you want. It may be worth noting, if you are looking elsewhere for a house sign, that imported slate is generally 20mm thick.

A choice of fonts

3) The most popular fonts are:- Times, Artifiker, Gill Sans and Calibri but we have many others if you have a preference. We can combine numbers and names and make them different sizes to make the sign unique.

4) Size – we will make any size sign to your specification – our base line is set on a 2 inch font height and once we have this scale the sign can be scaled up or down to make it the size thats suits you.

Optional extras

5) Polished face and edges – optional extras – we spend more time finishing the face and remove as many markings as possible from the edges.

6) Blind fix – no visible screw holes. The reverse of the sign is part drilled and we supply 60mm steel pins but not the resin.

Choose the lettering finish for your cornish slate house sign

7) Lettering can be painted or left a natural finish and this choice allows you to further personalise it to your own requirements. Painting each sign takes one week as we apply a base coat and the 4-5 top coats of professional sign writers paint.

We make what you want!

Cornish slate house signs can be made to any size with as much lettering as you require and we can even incorporate designs to  further personalise your sign. Fill in the form on this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note. Our lettering is NOT laser etched. Letters are all engraved and painted with a top quality sign writers paint when requested.

We make exactly what you want. It’s the STEVENS™ way.

How can you be sure your house sign is made from Cornish slate?

No other Company we know of GUARANTEES your sign will be made from Cornish Delabole slate.

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