Check the small print!

When you are looking for #CornishSlate and you are looking at other websites, then do please check the small print. It is possible that in the small print you will find that the slate being used for your sign is in fact, imported.

A lot of websites use 20mm slate and this is a common size for imported slate as it is cut using the metric system. So, if you see 20mm slate, ALWAYS READ THE SMALL PRINT – your slate may well not be from Cornwall, let alone be Cornish slate.

To Stevens Cornish Slate, it’s important that our customers know the source of the product we use. We do not trade on the fact that we make things in Cornwall but the product we use is not Cornish.

We use only Cornish Slate

Stevens Cornish Slate is called this for a reason. We only use slate sourced from the Delabole quarry for all of our house signs. We guarantee that your sign will be made with Cornish slate.

To us, it is very important that the customer clearly sees what the product they are buying is. We do not need to hide the origin of our slate in the small print.

Buy Stevens. Buy Cornish. No small print to worry about

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