Bespoke chess sets by Stevens Cornish Slate

Chess is a tactical game said to be around 1500 years old, thought to have originated in China. An easy game to learn but a hard game to master with great players studying for many years. Chess is a game of tactics and invention. A game that invites players to be creative and to out-think your opponent.

Even if you are not an exponent of the game, you’ll know the names of Fischer, Spassky, Kasparov – some of the legends of the great game.

As a keen but sadly not very good player, Pat decided to make some bespoke #chess sets. It was the creative side of the game that led to this decision and these sets are now available.

Hand crafted slate chess Staunton pieces

Firstly we grind up slate chippings to dust and then we mix them with resin and a colour to make them black and white. These are based on the traditional Staunton chess sets that people are most familiar with.

When removed from the moulds, the pieces all have to be hand finished. As these are made individually to order, each set will be unique in its colour variation.

Hand painted pewter chess sets.

Working from a choice of sets, the pewter is hand cast into moulds and then each piece is painted painstakingly by hand. Every detail is considered and these sets take several weeks to complete.

You can be assured that these bespoke chess sets will grace any home. As these are all painted by hand, there will always be slight variations, so your set will never be the same as any other.

Some 60 hours work goes into painting these sets to make sure they are of the highest standard.

Cornish slate chess boards

Available in three sizes, these cornish slate chess boards are all hand made and can be customised in any way the customer chooses. Choose your own theme or put the names of famous players on the board.

Edges can be rolled (like a kitchen worktop) or square cut and polished.

A drawing showing how your finished chess board will look is supplied for your approval.

View our cornish slate chess boards here

Contact us to discuss your very own Cornish Slate chess board or hand made pewter chess set.


*The chess boards are shipped on a pallet for safety. This costs £60 but can be collected from our workshop.